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Custom Gantry Structures for Overhead Cranes

At Lifting Systems, we specialise in designing and manufacturing gantry structures that perfectly complement all makes of overhead cranes, with capacities of up to 100t. Whether you need a free-standing gantry or a versatile gantry crane system, we have the expertise to deliver tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements.

Precision Surveys

Before undertaking any gantry project, our team performs thorough site surveys to ensure a seamless fit within your existing building. Using advanced laser measuring devices, we accurately obtain all dimensions, discussing the best fixing options for the supporting structure. If needed, we can recommend a chartered structural engineer to assess the building’s suitability for handling crane and gantry loads.

gantry and fabrication

Design Excellence

Our design process is driven by precision and adherence to industry standards. When a project moves from estimate to contract, we gather crucial information for the designer. Utilising the latest programs and technologies, we create detailed 3D drawings, ensuring the gantry fits your building flawlessly. Our design adheres to the following codes:

Quality Manufacturing

At Lifting Systems, quality is at the heart of our manufacturing process. All steelwork undergoes meticulous inspection upon delivery, and our skilled operatives commence fabrication based on detailed drawings. After stamping and quality checks, the steelwork is moved to the paint bay, where it receives a durable finish.

Our gantry and fabrication services extend nationwide, with surveys and projects carried out from Aberdeen in the north to Jersey in the south. We have even undertaken surveys as far as 1.5 miles below ground level!

With Lifting Systems’ expert gantry and fabrication services, rest assured that your overhead crane structures are in the hands of dedicated professionals, delivering quality and precision at every stage.