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Empowering Industries with Cutting-Edge Lifting Solutions

At Lifting Systems, we take pride in being a leading provider of innovative and reliable lifting solutions across the United Kingdom. Since our establishment in 1994, we have specialised in the design, manufacturing, erection, and testing of overhead factory cranes, gantry structures, hoists, and other lifting equipment. Our state-of-the-art Crown Works facility in Northampton is equipped to handle all your lifting requirements with efficiency and precision.

As a forward-thinking company, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact. Our Crown Works facility boasts solar panels on the roof, contributing to a cleaner environment by reducing our carbon footprint. Additionally, we hold accreditation to recycle and dispose of waste responsibly, ensuring eco-friendly handling of old cranes and components.

We uphold the highest industry standards and are proud of our accreditations, including EN 1090-1, ISO 9001:2015, Safe Contractor, and C.H.A.S (Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme). These certifications reflect our unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and compliance in all our projects.

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Turnkey Solutions

As a full turnkey solution provider, we take care of the entire process – from design and fabrication to manufacturing, commissioning, and testing. Our expert team ensures that your overhead crane or gantry solution is custom-tailored to meet your specific requirements, resulting in seamless integration with your operations.

We are committed to providing innovative and reliable lifting solutions that elevate your industry to new heights. Our customer-centric approach and dedication to quality and safety have made us the preferred choice for small to medium-sized businesses and large crane manufacturers alike.

Whether you need a factory crane, gantry structure, or universal crane, Lifting Systems is the name you can trust. We have no bias towards any brand, offering you the flexibility to choose the best solution that suits your job requirements. Let us help you elevate your business with our unmatched lifting solutions.

Customised lifting Solutions to suit your needs

We understand that each industry has unique lifting requirements. Our team of skilled engineers is here to collaborate with you, ensuring that our overhead cranes, gantry systems, hoists, and other equipment are tailored to meet your precise needs. From design and manufacturing to installation and testing, we offer a full turnkey solution to streamline your lifting processes.

Explore Our Specialisations


Get custom-designed gantry structures and bespoke engineering solutions for your lifting needs.


Discover efficient and reliable overhead cranes for lifting heavy loads in various industries.


Expertly install and dismantle overhead cranes and gantries with precision, ensuring safety, efficiency, and compliance.


Efficiently move light loads within limited spaces using our column or wall-mounted pillar jibs.


Optimise your work processes with our versatile light crane systems for smooth material handling.


Effortlessly manoeuvre loads
within your factory with our bespoke
Lifting Structures.


Determining the most suitable offering for your specific tasks and applications requires careful consideration and expert advice. Our qualified engineers are ready to guide you through the selection process, taking into account your unique needs, space constraints, and budget.

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News and Updates

Stay informed about the latest developments, case studies, and interesting information about our past projects through our news page. We regularly update the page with insightful blogs and relevant industry news.