Elevate Efficiency with Jib Cranes: Compact Solutions for Precise Material Handling

jib crane

In the world of material handling, precision and efficiency are paramount. For tasks that require moving loads within a limited radius, jib cranes emerge as the go-to solution.

Jib cranes are lightweight, versatile, and perfect for distances within a few meters. Designed to handle loads ranging from 50kg to 2t, they’re the ideal choice for manual handling needs across various industries.

When it comes to mounting, jib cranes offer flexibility. The most common method involves floor mounting, where we securely anchor the crane using resin bolts. Additionally, we offer the option to mount the jib to a wall or an existing building column, providing a customised solution that fits seamlessly into your workspace.

The jib arm’s impressive 300-degree radius ensures that it covers the entire area you require. This means you can effortlessly handle loads within the designated space, improving both safety and efficiency.

Key Advantages of Jib Cranes:

  • Precision in Proximity: Jib cranes excel in tasks that demand precise handling within a short distance, ensuring accuracy in every operation.
  • Tailored Mounting Solutions: Choose from floor mounting or alternative options like wall or column mounting for a customised setup that suits your workspace.
  • Effortless Operation: Experience smooth and ergonomic push/pull travel, allowing you to lift, move, and manoeuvre loads with ease.
  • Versatility in Capacity: With a weight capacity range from 50kg to 2t, jib cranes cater to a wide spectrum of lifting needs, making them indispensable in various industries.

Integrating a jib crane into your operations is a strategic move towards enhancing efficiency and safety. Whether it’s in a production area, workshop, or any space with confined movement requirements, these cranes are designed to deliver optimal performance.

At Lifting Systems, we offer a range of customisable jib crane solutions tailored to your specific needs. Experience the benefits of precision and efficiency in material handling. Contact us today to explore how jib cranes can elevate your operations.